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Designing games for entrepreneurship education

Principal Investigator: Dr. Wilian Gatti


Have you ever thought board games could be more than just fun? This research shows they can be a game-changer in how we teach and learn business skills.

Why Board Games?

Forget high-tech simulations; this research shows that good old-fashioned board games can be powerful learning tools. They're not just fun and games; they help us understand complex business challenges in a hands-on way.

Think Like a Designer

Have you ever tried to solve a puzzle or build something from scratch? That's what this research is all about—using the principles of design thinking to reshape how we approach business education.

It's Not Just About Luck

Think succeeding in business is all about luck? Think again. This research dives into the decision-making processes that really make or break success, debunking the myth that it's all down to chance.

Your Background Matters

Ever notice how your upbringing and experiences shape how you think? This research shows that these factors are crucial in how we approach problem-solving and decision-making in business.

What's the Big Deal?

This isn't just academic talk; it's a whole new way to look at business education. From critical thinking to storytelling, this research shows that learning can be immersive, interactive, and downright fun.

By blending the worlds of board games and design thinking, this research is paving the way for a more engaging, effective, and inclusive form of business education. It's not just for academics; it's for anyone interested in thinking outside the box when it comes to learning and business.


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