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Jerremie Clyde

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Jerremie Clyde is an Associate Librarian at the University of Calgary where he supports researchers and learners focused on games as media, game-based learning, and the study of game production.  In addition to supporting the research of others he meets his own scholarly obligations by researching the use of game in learning and scholarly communications.  His work has included integrating gameful design into graduate-level teacher education, building digital game-based learning environments to teach emotional intelligence to peace officers, and more recently using Minecraft and scaffolded social media engagement to teach students about WWI propaganda and modern media literacy.  His current research is focused on using the use of game design in learning to support culturally sustaining pedagogy and equity, diversity, and inclusion in the classroom.  When not engaging directly in academic pursuits on campus he operates a sustainable mixed farm North of Calgary and spends his time on environmental and agricultural education. 

Selected publications



















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REVIEW – multiple books reviewed for the Canadian Book Review Annual
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