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Tabletop Game Redesign Workbook

We have developed the "Tabletop Game Redesign Workbook" to better support educators and learners in implementing tabletop game redesign projects. ​

The workbook includes guiding questions on each of the main activities of the project including playing the chosen game to be redesigned, critiquing the chosen game and imagining new design possibilities, brainstorming on the aspects of redesigning the game and incorporating the learning topics, creating game drafts and playtesting the redesigned games. ​

We suggest this workbook to educators and researchers who seek to engage students in hands-on, design-based learning and help them develop critical thinking, systems thinking and problem-solving skills, and support them to use the learning topics in creating the systems of their interest (i.e., games).


You are welcome to incorporate this workbook in your creative and educational endeavours for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to use this workbook, please provide attribution by the following citation format:


Bastani, R., Kim, B., & Clyde, J. (2023). Tabletop game redesign workbook.

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